Power Flushing

Corrosion in your heating system can build up over time and can create sludge which affects the efficiency of your boiler, pipe work and radiators.

Here at Seaburn Gas Services we have engineers with over 20 years’ experience of power flushing heating systems of all sizes. Our team has the skills and equipment to combat any central heating issue, no matter how large or small and the whole process can be carried out in one day.

What is a Power Flush?

Power flushing cleans out a central heating system by forcing and circulating high volumes of water and cleaning agents throughout, to loosen the build-up of debris and rust. Using machines with magnets this rust and debris is then drawn from the system. Once the heating system has been fully power flushed an inhibitor is added to protect against further lime scale and corrosion and helps to maintain optimum system efficiency.

Depending on the severity of the blockages, a power flush may not always be the solution. Our engineers can assess this and advise you on the best course of action.

Power flushing

Magnaclean Professional

Our power flushing service can also include the installation of a Magna Clean. This is a magnetic filter which is fitted to your boiler to capture any sludge or debris before it enters your boiler and causes damage. These filters are quick and easy to install with hassle free maintenance (they should only need emptying during your annual boiler service).

Please note that power flushing will improve the efficiency of a heating system and reduce the risk of further breakdowns. It is however only a cleaning method and will not repair any parts that have been damaged due to previous sludge build.

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