Save Money with Servicing

Save Money with Servicing

For residential landlords and business managers to have a reliable operation of their premises’ heating system, they must have regularly scheduled boiler maintenance and testing performed to avoid failure of equipment. Properly functioning control and safety devices are absolutely important for any boiler. Regular boiler service is also required for boiler insurance and warranties to remain valid. Seaburn gas services offers the following benefits and savings that you could achieve from regular boiler maintenance.

Improved safety

Your gas boiler should be safety checked and serviced regularly. This gas safety check involves inspection of your gas appliance to see if it works correctly and to identify any defects which need repair. Servicing your gas appliance regularly ensures efficiency, safety and performance. Seaburn gas servicing offers boiler service and landlord gas safety check annually.

Carbon monoxide emissions checked regularly is very crucial. This is a poisonous colorless and odorless gas which causes illness and even death when inhaled. It is important then that the gas boiler is checked for any leaks.

Reduced Energy Costs

Boilers can operate for many years without servicing, but is fuel consuming. With the increase in fuel costs, regular servicing brings about fuel reduction. The fuel system requires periodic cleaning and routine maintenance. Failure to do so could result in higher fuel costs, loss of heat transfer or furnace explosion.

Extended Life of the Boiler

A serviced gas boiler means a prolonged life and prevention of breakdowns.  Boiler maintenance dramatically reduces the risk of your boiler breaking and ruining your day.  Our engineers at Seaburn gas servicing will inspect the entire control system, faults and offer free parts and labor for parts of heating system covered. This saves you from paying large part and repair bills.

For your Comfort

There is nothing more convenient than a reliable boiler. An uncomfortable place of business or residence can mean loss of customers and poor working conditions for employees. This would be detrimental. Regular maintenance of the boiler ensures smooth running of business and comfortable place of living.

Seaburn gas services highly recommend regular scheduled boiler servicing to ensure that your heating system is in good working, reliable efficient and safe condition. Our engineers who are experienced professionals will carry out thorough inspection, performance assessment and repairs. They will also ensure unlimited calls out during the 12 month agreement.

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